Blocked drains can be caused by many different issues, including buildup of debris or rubbish, root intrusion, damaged or broken pipes, or a myriad of other hidden problems. Once the cause of the blockage is determined, efficient and effective response is required to avoid further damage, flooding, and adverse impact on the environment.

HydroTech's team of skilled technicians have been clearing all manner of blocked drains for over 20 years, and their experience coupled with cutting-edge plant and equipment means they are able to solve your problem first time, every time. We operate a 24/7 rapid response service to give you peace of mind that your call will be received and responded to promptly.


  • Flushing of pipes as small as 40mm in diameter
  • Flushing of pipes up to 2 metres in diameter
  • Root, grout, and concrete removal using a variety of different machines including spinners, chain flails, concrete milling machines, barrel cutters, saw blades, and finger blades
  • Vacuuming of waste and debris, with up to 25 metres of vertical lift capability
  • Pigging methods to clear water and debris from thrusted PE lines for the purpose of CCTV inspection
  • Pigs capable of towing cable through long lengths of pipe for the purpose of dragging electric cable, telephone cable, fibre optics, and skid mounted cameras