Our Reline NZ team specialises in relining of damaged of aged pipes, using the following trenchless technologies:

Ex Liner

Ex is a pipe lining method that involves winching a specially formulated and softened PVC pipe into the sewer through the existing access chambers. Injectors are fitted to each end of the Ex pipe and steam and pressure are applied to expand the lining. The pipe then forms a tight fitting structural liner within the existing host pipe.

Benefits include:

  • Fast installation time (< 1 hour)
  • No curing chemicals
  • Ability to easily reheat and remould the liner if any problems are encountered during application

UV Liner

This trenchless rehabilitation with seamless glass-fibre reinforced CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) liners and innovative UV light curing, has proven to be a secure and economic process in Europe, and has risen to hold 70% of the market share for this type of work. We are the first company in New Zealand to introduce this technology into the New Zealand market.

Benefits include:

  • No need to use excess water and heating for expansion 
  • Ability to CCTV the liner prior to curing and remove any unforeseen errors in to the pipeline (e.g. creases, tears, etc).