Totaling over 100 years combined of three waters industry experience, we offer the latest in CCTV pipeline inspection technology, operated by highly skilled technicians who are fully trained and conversant with the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual.

All CCTV inspections come with video footage and supporting condition assessment data in a range of formats including DVD, flash drive (USB), or Cloud (online).


  • Survey pipes as small as 45mm in diameter
  • Survey pipes up to 2600mm in diameter
  • Perform walkthrough surveys of large diameter pipes (2600mm and greater)
  • Survey up to 500 metres in distance in one go
  • CCTV large trunk sewers with constant high flow level by using our custom-built Trimaran Camera
  • Locate faults or significant obstructions from above ground (up to 20 metres deep, depending on ground material)
  • Laser profile to provide accurate data on ovality, capacity, and pipe condition
  • Smoke and dye testing to identify cross connections between stormwater and sewer systems
  • Use of dye test method to determine connectivity between private stormwater lines connecting to main systems